Hi there, Fred here, and thanks for stopping by at World Wondering.

Photography has been a big hobby of mine for the past ten years. Basically wherever I go, I always try and bring along a camera with me. I’ve been lucky to travel far and wide, and World Wondering is where I put up a few of my fave snaps from the journey along the way.

The thing I love about photography is that it’s simple (can’t get much easier than pushing a shutter button!), but no two shots are ever the same. You can be in the exact same spot for five minutes with completely different pictures throughout. It’s also spontaneous – you never know how a human, animal or even plant is going to react and move. Capturing that split second and having a photo express something is just about the most satisfying thing in the world!

Thanks, and all the best. Drop me a line at fred@worldwondering.com – would love to hear from you.

– Fred